Benefits Of Play Based Learning

The goal in early childhood education should be to strengthen cognitive and social development. In early childhood, playful learning includes exploration and engagement. Engagement is especially import because by participating in your child’s play will help build strong family bonds. Moreover, play based learning helps develop curiosity, language, and social emotional skills in children. New York State Education Development has a tip sheet how as a parent you can explore and engage in play with your child. Click here to learn more about benefits of play based learning.

Type of Play and Highlighted Benefits Of Play Based Learning

Benefits Of Play Based Learning
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To sum it up, play has physical, cognitive, and social benefits. Active playing helps develop fine and gross motor skills. Also, play helps cognitive thinking; problem solving, independent thinking, hand-eye coordination, and more. Children are constantly exploring, observing and processing new information in their play. Social benefits from playful activities such as hide and seek help build skills like communication, negotiation, and self awareness. You’re also forming strong family bond together.

Benefits Of Play Based Learning
Benefits Of Play Based Learning

How to Strengthen Play Experience

  • Plan activities that encourage participation and maximize children’s interests and skills. (How Learnings Kits Helped Me Teach My Preschooler)
  • By participating in play and following children’s lead.
  • Engage in conversations that deepen children’s understanding of content knowledge .
  • Rotate and provide new materials, play ideas, and task-based explorations.
  • Balance out the curriculum and schedule to include play experiences. (Enroll in our Free Preschool Curriculum)

Benefits Of Play Based Learning in Early Childhood

How To Draw Fireworks

Many festivals have celebration with fireworks. Be it for 4th of July, summer festivals, or Lunar New Year. You can start to prepare the right materials for the festival day. If your kid doesn’t like loud sounds, they can have fun with it at home. I have gathered excellent sources for you to learn how to draw fireworks and have kids DIY their own firework show at home with arts and craft.

Learn stages of art development during the preschool years here and why you should start early. You can easily add fine motor activities such as this into your day. These are hands-on fun to make and get creative with your kid.

Here are the how to draw fireworks sources:

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How To Draw Fireworks: DIY Firework Show