Kids lovKids love learning about dinosaurs and if you have a child that’s interested in learning more about dinosaurs, look no further than over here; American Museum of Natural History. The American Museum of Natural History page has every fact about dinosaurs and it’s friendly for your kids to read. If you’re ever in New York, this is also a must-visit place with your family. I have collected ‘dinosaurs for kids’ resources for you below:

How To Draw A Dinosaur Easy

Dinosaur Line Drawing

How To Draw A Dinosaurdinosaur line drawing

You can simply draw each of these dinosaurs for kids in four steps. Kids love to talk about big animals, especially dinosaurs – they probably know the names of these dinosaurs and what they eat. You can draw them in different color paper or color them inside and outside.

D is for Dinosaur

This is a cute easy handprint drawing of dinosaur for kids that love to dive their hands in paints. You can add in different colors and shapes to make it more fun.

Free Dinosaur Activity Pack and Worksheet

This massive free pack has tons of printable worksheets. It has coloring pages, tracing and lining drawings, matching card activity, and dicing activities. I highly recommend checking this pack out here. Also, don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter for our free activity packs and check out our printables.

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