Can you unscramble your own name? Unscrambling is fun and engaging activity to play and it also can also be a fun way for kids to discover new words. Objectives of this game is to recognize words and letters, develop verbal awareness and building foundational skills to identify new words.

Unscramble Perfect with letters of MOM.

While you can play this game on piece of paper, it would preferable if you have blocks or printed puzzle letters. If you don’t have one, you can use our handmade “My Name is” personalized learning mat. It can be used as a word puzzle to improve your child’s verbal dexterity and name recognization. Some activities you can try is to rearrange name letter into new word, make two new words, or play the fill in the blank letter game.

Here are some words for you and your little learner to unscramble:

Unscramble Nursery
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Unscramble Active
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Unscramble Excited
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Unscramble Perfect
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Unscramble Proven
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Unscramble Applaud
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I'm sure we missed some words, let us know in the comments below.

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