Pete’s a Pizza by William Steig is a fun and silly book about using our imaginations that is sure to put a smile on your face! We chose this book for two reasons: (1) It’s National Pizza Party Day this Friday, and (2) because we think this story is analogous to what children all around the world are feeling. This book can open up a discussion with our little ones about how they feel because they can’t go outside to see their friends. Just as Pete and his family did, you can think of silly games to cook up while at home!

This week’s activities will give you enough materials to use in many different ways. While testing out our Pizza Delivery Word Game and Build a Pizza activity, our product tester used the materials for pretend play and combined it with his Lego town.

How did your child enjoy the activities this week? Did s/he use the materials in other ways? Let us know in the comments below!

Quick Start Guide

  1. Read by watching the read aloud video of the story for the week.
  2. Learn by building connections between concepts from the story and your child’s world through active reading.
  3. Play one of six story extension activities to engage and build upon new concepts learned.

If you are new to TigerKubz’s Storybook-based Activity Guide, read the introduction post for more details.

Listen to the Pete’s a Pizza Story

This Week’s Activities

Pete's a Pizza Dot Activities

Pizza Dot Activities

Fine Motor | Photo and activity by


  • Printable
  • Dot markers (can also use crayons, paint, etc.)
  • There are many different dot activities in this pack with instructions included. Enjoy!

Pete's a Pizza Letter Matching

Letter Matching Pizza

Science | Photo and activity by


  • Match letters on the ingredients to the letters on the pizza.
Pete's a Pizza Counting Activity

Pizza Counting

Math | Photo and activity by


  • 2 paper plates
  • Red dot stickers
  • On one paper plate, section it into slices using a marker.
  • Write in numbers you would like your child to practice recognizing.
  • On the second paper plate, cut it into the same number of slices. Place the sticker dots inside each slice to correspond with the numerical values on the first plate.
Pete's a Pizza Delivery Activity

Pizza Delivery



  • Printable
    (available free this week for the weekly activity guide and for National Pizza Party Day!)
  • Print, laminate and cut out the printables.
  • Create a delivery route using the painters tape and place the pizza store and houses around the route.
  • Write in words on the lines provided on each house you want your child to practice. Write the same set of words on the “Pizza Delivery” order. Deliver the pizza to the correct house by matching the words on the delivery order.

Pete's a Pizza

Make a Pete’s a Pizza

Gross Motor


  • String or shredded paper (cheese)
  • A sprinkle of water (oil)
  • Talcum powder (flour)
  • Checkers pieces or other similar objects (toppings)
  • Knead and roll the dough (roll and gently massage the body), stretch the dough (gently pull at your child’s limbs), and twirl (toss) the dough in the air.
  • Apply some oil (water), and flour (talcum powder). Sprinkle some cheese and pepperoni (string / paper) and give it a tickle.
  • Put it in the oven (sofa) and slice (light karate chop motion).

Pete's a Pizza

Build a Pizza



  • Printable
    (available free this week for the weekly activity guide and for National Pizza Party Day!)
  • Laminator (optional)
  • Print out the printables and cut out the pieces.
  • Optional: Laminate the pizza order sheets to make it reusable. Laminate pizza and toppings for durability.
  • Use a muffin pan, cups, or bowls to place each ingredient in. Use the pizza orders as a prompt for independent play, or verbally tell your child your order.

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