The animal book report introduces learners to conduct observations and to think like a zoologists. This pack has two versions: a visual book report for pre-writing children and a standard version for school-aged children.

A great supplement for online live animal cam observations.


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The animal book report will guide learners on how to conduct animal observations. This is a valuable support tool for virtual learning. Children can pretend to be zoologists and take a field trip around the world by viewing live animals cams.

For a list of live animal cams and learning support, join Parents Who Teach, a free TigerKubz parent community group.

The animal report is 3 pages in length and is appropriate for toddlers, preschoolers, and school aged children.

The animal report printable includes a visual and standard version:

  • Visual: for learners who do not know how to write yet, there’s a visual animal report with pictures to help empower them to answer observation questions and to feel like a real zoologist!
  • Standard: for our writers, a second version has ruled lines for them to fill in and conduct additional research about the animal.


  • For families with children of different age groups, they can now observe an animal side-by-side with each other by using the age appropriate worksheets. The older child can help the younger one fill out his visual version of the book report.
  • Presentation skills are an invaluable life skill to have. Start your learners early and have him present his findings to you.

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