LIMITED TIME ONLY: Practice color recognition with the free printable activity based on the book: Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Bill Martin, Jr. and illustrated by Eric Carle.


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Looking for free printable activities that go with the popular Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See children’s book? Look no further! Using the animal characters from the book – little learners can practice color recognition with this brain-boosting printable activity!

This activity is one of the multiple learning activities in TigerKubz’s Brown Bear, Brown Bear storybook-based learning kit. Search for brown bear, red bird, yellow duck, blue horse, green frog, purple cat, black sheep, and orange goldfish in this scene! See if your child recognizes elements from other activities in the learning kit such as brown bear’s den or red bird’s nest.

Brain boosting activities challenge little learners’ minds and help build focus stamina while promoting critical thinking through reasoning and creativity. Use it while you’re on the go, eating out, or while you’re preparing food!

The Brown Bear, Brown Bear color by animal worksheet was designed for very young learners in mind who are not yet reading. The color-coded legend empowers little learners to complete the activity with minimal grown-up guidance required! The word form of the color is also available for emergent readers and for repeated exposure to the printed form of each color.

Book extension activities are a great way to build connections with themes, characters, and ideas from a story. It expands children’s understanding beyond the story and helps make connections to the real world! If your child loves Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See, give this free printable a try and stay tuned for news of the release of our new learning kit by subscribing to our mailing list!

How to Use Your Free Brown Bear What Do You See Printable:

  1. Print out the Brown Bear, Brown Bear Color by Number PDF worksheet.
  2. Use crayons, markers, dot markers or paint to color the picture by their corresponding color in the legend.
  3. Challenge: for advanced learners – count how many of each animal is in the picture. Write the number in the box within the color legend.
  4. More Brown Bear, Brown Color Recognition Extension Activity: (1) Fold or cut away the color legend. Ask your child to flip through their Brown Bear, Brown Bear book to determine which color they need to color each animal in. (2) For learners who are learning how to write, practice writing the word form of each color on a separate piece of paper or using a white board after finishing the activity.

New to the TigerKubz community? We believe the single most important you can do to support young children’s cognitive and social-emotional development is through reading. That is why we created a curriculum emphasizing sharing a book together at its core. This sets the foundation for broader knowledge-building opportunities.

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