Teach your toddler or preschooler their colors, how to sort, pattern, the colors of the rainbow, sequencing, animal habitats, and much more!

“Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?” is a timeless household staple picture book with Eric Carle’s distinct art style both children and grownups around the world recognize. Brown Bear’s repetitive and predictable cadence makes it one of the first books young children can memorize and “read” on their own!

The “Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?” Storybook-based Learning Kit will provide you with the tools to engage in hands-on activities while learning new skills.

Each activity is anchored around one of six core subjects with characters and learning concepts from the story!

Click the “Peek Inside” tab below to see all the tools included in your learning kit to teach your toddler or preschooler all about colors and more!


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What’s in a kit?

  • 11 activities across TigerKubz’s six core subjects thoughtfully designed and preschooler-tested on durable materials that are easy to manipulate for little hands.
  • Materials prepped and ready-to-use so you can jump right into an activity, such as a dry erase marker, clothespins for clipping activities, tweezers for fine motor activities, and activity cutouts.
  • A comprehensive TigerParent Guide to provide guidance on how to make the most of the kit, an overview of each activity. Think of it as a parent cheat sheet to explain big concepts to little learners. Each activity overview has information about targeted skill development and different ways to modify activities based on your child’s skill level.
  • A portable, waterproof folder to store all the activities so you can take it with you anywhere.
  • Hours of fun, engaging, activities to stimulate your child’s mind.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? board book
Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? storybook unit is a fun and engaging educational extension based on themes from the story. The unit is designed to immerse young children in math, literacy, social studies, science, fine and gross motor skills, and brain-boosting activities. Through discussion and exposure, your child will gain a deeper understanding of words, themes, and concepts found in the book that may be easily glossed over during a normal reading session.

At the early childhood level, learning should be interactive and discoverable using manipulatives, rather than rote memorization and workbooks.The TigerKubz curriculum was created with three goals in mind:

  1. Equip you with skill-building activities you’ll find in preschools and structured homeschooling programs, modified for home use that works around you and your child’s schedule.
  2. Provide you with ready-to-use educational activities, with no prep-work involved and all materials provided. Perfect for busy parents and families on the go.
  3. Activities that progress with your child so you can watch your child grow intellectually.

Order your “Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?” learning kit today to give children the gift of learning and start your journey on raising lifelong learners!

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Domain 1: Approaches to Learning

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Domain 2: Physical Development and Health

Domain 3: Social and Emotional Learning


Domain 4: Communication, Language and Literacy

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Domain 5: Cognition and Knowledge of the World

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Peek Inside

  • Math

    • Sort 36 animals cards based on characters from the book either by animal or color!
    • Learn basic to complex pattern combinations (AAA, AB, ABC, AABB, AAB, ABB) with the included 10 pattern strips.
    • Use your animal cards to create your own patterns. The combinations are limitless!
  • Literacy

    Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See Preschool Literacy Printable Activities and Book Companion
    • 12 vocabulary cards laminated to build vocabulary and practice writing! Use the dry erase marker included in yo ur kit, wipe, and use it again!
    • Sequence and color mat included for story retelling or puppet play.
  • Science

    • Help your little learner master learning their colors! The color clip cards help preschoolers work on their fine motor skills. 3 clothespins are included!
  • Social Studies

    • Introduce your learner to their first puzzle by matching the heads to the tails of the animal.
    • For advanced learners – practice learning where each animal lives.
  • Physical

    • Create a brown bear paper bag puppet with the included materials! A felt dot piece is included so you can stick your character pieces under the bear’s fur for a game of hide and seek, guess the animal, or story retelling!
    • A beautiful laminated rainbow play mat is perfect for open play. Use dry erase markers, play dough, or other manipulatives to fill in the rainbow! Wipe clean and reuse!
    • Use your character pieces or sequencing learning mat to play a game of scavenger hunt.
  • Brain Boosters

    • Practice color recognition with the Color By Animal activity sheet perfect for toddlers and preschoolers!
    • Play a game of memory using your Animal Sorting cards!


Storybook-based Learning Kits

What subjects do the learning kits cover?

Each kit contains unique activities focusing on a targeted skill and specific topic within a subject. The six core subjects included in every  learning kit are:

  • Math – Develop early foundational math skills, such as number sense, shapes, spatial reasoning, numerical recognition, and counting.
  • Literacy – Promote early literacy skills through activities such as letter recognition projects, vocabulary building picture-to-word exercises, and rhyming games.
  • Science – Sets the foundation for basic science concepts, such as colors, the five senses, weather, and the circle of life.
  • Social Studies – Promote a better understanding of the world and how your child fits into the overall community.
  • Physical – Creative activities to aid in the development of fine and gross motor movement through material manipulation and physical activity.
  • Brain Boosters – Activities promoting critical thinking through reasoning and creativity.

TigerKubz Core Subjects

2 reviews for Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?

  1. Gillian

    We brought this kit on a flight, and my 3 year old son kept busy and loved doing the activities! He is in preschool and the letter tracing was right up his alley. It’s great how each activity can build on itself to become more challenging. The activities bring the book to life while it promotes a fun way to learn different topics. Top value and highly recommend! Can’t wait to gift this to my friends’ kids!

  2. Mikala Magnuson (verified owner)

    I ordered this kit for my color loving 2 year old this Christmas and he LOVES it! (Me too 😜) we read the book and then go through the flash cards to match the color and the animal! The repetition is great for neurological development and memory! As mom I am in love with the pattern cards! He loves completing each new pattern! This activity is also perfect for those “boredom” spurs! Educational, hands on and screen free! He thinks we are playing a game, and he gets taught something new. Win, win. 😜💜

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