Develop cognitive skills, number recognition, and introduction to traditional Chinese characters by placing the numbers in order to complete the Chinese New Year pictures!

This resource is an extension activity for our Weekly Storybook-based Activity Guide to the book “Bringing in the New Year“.


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Complete the Chinese New Year pictures by placing the numbers in order! These number puzzles help your child develop cognitive skills by practicing patience, problem-solving, sorting, among other benefits.

What’s Included:

  • 1-5 Lion Dance puzzle
  • 1-10 Children in Qipao (traditional Chinese New Year dress) puzzle
  • Each puzzle comes with the traditional Chinese character and translation

How to Play

  1. Print and cut the puzzles into strips along the gray lines.
  2. Scramble the pieces.
  3. Complete the scene by arranging the numbers at the bottom of each strip in order.

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