Introduce your child to the concept of measurement with this exciting scavenger hunt around the house.


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With just a tape measure, you can help introduce your child to the basic math concept of measurement. Your child will be excited to go on a scavenger hunt for common household items around the house while trying to measure the objects.

If your child is not yet familiar with numbers, a tape measure with all those numbers can be overwhelming. Instead, any household object can be used as a unit of measure, such as an eraser, a pencil, a spoon, a ruler as one unit, etc. The possibilities are endless.


  • Have your child record the measurement in the space provided on the sheet.
  • Practice writing by tracing the name of the objects.


  • It’s okay if your child reads you the incorrect number on the tape measure. Calmly respond to your child with the actual number on the tape measure.
  • Encourage your child to measure other objects after he finishes the scavenger hunt list.

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