For our little learners who are on the path to being a reader, challenge him or her with the “I Can Match My Shape Names” learning mat as they match each shape card to its printed name.

Not yet reading yet? That’s okay, we usually crawl before we walk ?. Start with our Level 1: “I Can Match My Shapes” learning mat or save with the bundle.


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The customizable “I Can Match My Shape Names” learning mat will enable your child to practice reading shape names by building on the first “I Can Match My Shapes” learning mat. By providing your child with a familiar learning tool, it will give him the confidence to build on his knowledge of shapes!

Select your child’s favorite color to personalize their mat and make the learning experience even more fun!


The “I Can Match My Shape Names” Learning Mat will enable your little learner to:

    • Learn to read shape names by matching each shape card to its printed name.
    • Master reading shapes through repeated play and boost confidence.
    • Build connections between the names of the shapes they’ve learned to read and see its printed form in other forms of media.
    • Engage their senses as they explore the texture of Velcro, the sound it makes as they detach the pieces, and observing the way it sticks to the mat as they try to shake the pieces off.

Learn 10 different shapes:

  1. Triangle
  2. Square
  3. Circle
  4. Rectangle
  5. Oval
  6. Diamond
  7. Pentagon
  8. Hexagon
  9. Octagon
  10. Star

Additional information

Weight 2.2 oz
Dimensions 8.5 × 11 × 0.1 in




Blue, Gray, Green, Orange, Pink


Yes Velcro, No Velcro


  • Includes one learning mat to practice matching shape names and a set of 10 shape cards.
  • Each shape card comes attached to the mat with Velcro to keep all your shape pieces in one place (option to remove Velcro available if preferred).
  • Built-in reusable incentive chart on the back-side of your learning mat for positive reinforcement. Use your own stickers or dry erase marker to reward your child for practicing shapes!
  • Parent Guide included to walk you through how to get started with the learning mats and for additional learning resources.
  • Beautiful watercolor illustrations.
  • Printed on high-quality thick card stock and laminated for extra durability.
  • Take your mat everywhere due to the durable and waterproof material, ideal for curious little hands.
  • All corners are rounded for safety (mat + cards).
  • Standard 11″ x 8.5″ size makes it easy to store in learning binders, sheet protectors, folders, etc.


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